Overview dash

High level metrics for accurate performance measurement

Overview dash lets you see at a glance how your network is performing over time

Your time is precious. The high-level metrics show you where to focus your attention pointing out what areas will give you the biggest gains if you resolve them. You can easily see what’s going well and what’s not and then drill down into more detailed information so you can work through solutions.

What you get

Dealing with issues early helps you maintain the quality of your passenger facing information as well as your performance management information.

With overview dash you’ll get:

  • The historical view providing key performance metrics for any specific date or over a date range
  • A specificity filter allowing you to look at certain day types (e.g. Mondays or the week days vs weekend days), you can also filter to see how individual operators are performing
  • Easy to read graphs giving visual indications of different performance aspects including:
      • On time adherence at key stops
      • Counts of erroneous events that shouldn’t be happening e.g: ‘no match’ where a vehicle has travelled off route, ‘time out’ where regular updates from the vehicle have stopped and ‘grabbed’ where two vehicles are trying to run the same trip