Rider website

Gives your passengers fast access to departure information

Branded real-time passenger information on a user-friendly platform

Our white label website can be interlinked with your own website, so your passenger doesn’t even know that they’ve left your website – creating a better experience for them. The website allows passengers to see what services are closest to them and the real-time departure information for the one they are interested in.

What you get

  • Designed to serve up fast information for regular commuters
  • Shows a list of all the nearby departures based on current location
  • Ability to see the live location of the vehicle they are waiting for
  • Ablility to search for specific routes or stops
  • Utilises the rider’s live location information via GPS to provide them with specific content – making it faster for them to get what they want
  • Fully responsive design to cater to mobile, tablet and desktop users
  • Fully customisable to your brand