On-board next stop

Delight passengers with next stop information through onboard displays and audio announcements

Game-changing on-board technology: multilingual displays, text-to-speech

Our operating system and software presents graphical information onscreen and gives audio announcements.

How it works & what you get

This advanced speech technology has been specifically designed to create a voice that sounds like a native speaker in any language and, in particular, pronounces Te Reo Māori correctly.

It works by a mobile data network that talks to servers in the cloud. And because it doesn’t require pre-recorded voices, it’s responsive cost-effective and future-proof.
This new technology improves the experience for riders, especially members of the low vision community and people living with disabilities. It also provides points of interest for tourists and reassurance for infrequent travellers.

  • Multi-lingual announcements with an ability to support multiple languages at once
  • Visual display
  • Customisable to reflect your brand and image
  • Integration with the bus’s GPS system to provide extremely accurate and fast updates of next stop information