About Dynamis®

Helping you control your schedules, track your vehicles and enhance your passengers’ experience

Dynamis® is born out of years of observations by our Radiola Land team allowing us to develop better transport network solutions

The evolution of a software solution

Established in 2005, Radiola Land originally supplied third-party services to our public transport customers. It became apparent that these services were lacking and fell short of both our, and our customer’s, expectations. Put simply, we decided we could do it better.

We listed all the frustrations, shortcomings and customer feedback and started development on our own bespoke public transport management SaaS system.

The system had to be flexible and provide a level of detail lacking in most products. It also had to be able to integrate with other products.

We enticed some keen young minds to join our Radiola Land team and partnered with a local university to help us test new ideas and concepts. The result was the development of our own software system known as Dynamis® so named for Greek meaning ‘the state of which is not fully formed’. We’re providing a system that helps you fully realise the power of your public transport network.

Launched into the New Zealand market in 2020 Dynamis® was quickly embraced by public transport providers in both the north and south islands of the country

Dynamis® is now launching internationally, benefitting from our long history of delivering technology solutions around the world through our Radiola Aerospace division.

Why choose us?

Dynamis® has been developed by Radiola Land, a division of Radiola Ltd. Radiola are leaders on land for real time passenger information and transport management and in the air for flight inspection, navigation and communication systems and services.

We have a unique way of doing things. We value the input and experience of each and every team member helping us to quickly adapt and enhance our products and services to meet our customers needs. We are forever evolving and developing – always striving to provide the best experience for our customers and their end users.