Live operations

View vehicles and trips on your network and get alerted to operational issues as they happen

Live operations helps you manage your operational performance objectives in real-time

The dashboard provides your team with the information required to keep the network running on time and on track. It also enables you to view poor on-time performance in real-time at trip and stop level. You’ll also be alerted to other issues like missed trips, unassigned trips, route deviations and more.

What you get

  • 5 second updates of bus locations on the live map
  • Real-time, on time, performance information on every vehicle
  • Easy filters to quickly see early/late and unassigned trips highlighting emerging issues
  • Adaptable monitoring for any vehicle anomaly e.g. off-route travel, speeding, no movement
  • Individual path displays showing all stops along a route to monitor vehicle movements and see how much of the journey is left to complete
  • Ability to cancel a trip and notify all passengers through APIs, this also allows you to easily report on cancellations
  • Vehicle depot assignments to over-ride a vehicle to a trip from this central management application
  • Block filtering of all the trips a bus is scheduled to do in a day, allowing you to see knock-on effects of issues and to reassign vehicles with the central depot assignment
  • Live traffic integration with Google Maps so you can see where the heavy congestion points on the network are allowing late travel notifications or detour design