GTFS management

Creating and maintaining GTFS schedules to ensure seamless integration

We’ll customise our GTFS support to meet your needs

We can either provide a managed service where we create the GTFS and maintain it for you, or we can provide you with access to the SaaS platform to design, maintain and edit your network’s GTFS schedules yourself.

What you get

GTFS enables you to share your network timetables with applications including Dynamis®, Google Maps, Apple Maps and Transit. It forms the basis of what Dynamis® uses to provide real time data to you and your passengers.

You’ll get:

  • GTFS made easy. Send us what you’ve got, and we’ll understand it for you, do the translations and figure out how to turn it into GTFS
  • Fast turnaround and personalised customer support
  • Full access to your data providing a single source of truth for your schedules and timetables
  • A full range of GTFS fields giving you richer integrations with third party applications such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Transit